Response to Three Tools for Previsualization


The article given talks about techniques used to correct scripts, shoots, camera shots, sound, and etc. The techniques are ways that a director wants to proof read all the elements of the shooting script, the final script, to see in the film so that all the shooting script may become physical and a film is shot and done. A shooting script is not just the final script but the script that all teams will base their work off as it will include every last detail from camera angles to the creative intentions behind actions from the director and dialogues from the characters.

This reminds me of the process of sculpting from marble that Michelangelo did. However Michelangelo was a very paranoid artist of his sketches and models that he never allowed others to take his sketches and rarely give models to trusted relatives and friends. He would not allow any visitors, guests, or observers while he was sculpting either. There is a story of how he was sculpting at night with candles on his head but when a friend of his stopped by to give a gift he snuffed out all the candles so that what he was working on could not be seen, the friend was much amused to Michelangelo’s secrecy. (Link to story)

Michelangelo’s process of work is very different from these film techniques that involve introspection, others to proof read, but he did make models and sketches for himself to bear witness. His works are heralded as without equal even by today’s standards. I thought it was an interesting dichotomy between the previsualization and Michelangelo’s method as both ends up with great works but it does bring up the question of how many paths one can take.


One thought on “Response to Three Tools for Previsualization

  1. Such an interesting connection from the article to Michelangelo. I never thought about how the process of previsualization is similar for all art not just film or television. Do you think that the previsualization process is similar across all forms of media production?

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